Extended 7 Seater Landcruiser


  1. Vulcanus Kinley

    It was hard to find a reliable car rental in Arusha region. Most people feel happy to rent you their car, but all sorts of trouble can occur, and you have the risk of a scam. For us, contracts, insurance and reliable customer support are essential. Besides this, you need a reliable vehicle.John and his team provided all of this. The contract were simple to understand, no lawyer talk, and they kept all the promises. The vehicle proved reliable and we had a great 10 day trip (Arusha, Babati, Kondoa, Singida, Mwanza, Kisesa, Shinyaga, Babati, Arusha)

    If you want a reliable car with supporting staff, go for this company (Bright Safari Cars)

  2. Konrád Tibor

    The car Toyota Land Cruiser,was very new,clean and full equiped. Good quality-price relation. Fully recomended. High quality service. We use this company for the safaris we organize at Bright Safari Cars in Serengeti

  3. Alexander Puja

    Excellent car rental service if you want to visit any of the nearby national parks. The car was outstanding value for money and is perfectly suited for travelling inside safari parks. We visited Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara.
    Mr. James was friendly and assisted us with organising the trip, transfers to the airport and even providing a phone for navigation. I would recommend him for anyone wishing to travel to Northern Tanzania and looking to go on either an organised trip or self-drive. I hope ti visit again one day. Thanks!!!

  4. johnmlay

    I totally agree with the previous satisfied clients of Bright Safari Cars. Made a well planned trip with excellent driver James who also has long experience and many-sided local knowledge. We surveyed several parks and a good variety of accommodation of different prices for further planning. Very happy to give my most positive statement and support for both.

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